Market Research

Putting together a plan for your business, whether it's your first business plan or a plan for growth, means doing your research first. You need to know trends and statistics for your industry and your market. You have to find suppliers and potential customers, and you need to identify competitors.

Your advisor can connect you with extensive reference and resource materials, and provide access to the national SBDCNet Information Clearinghouse where there's a wealth of critical information at your fingertips. You'll find business articles, success tips, research reports on a wide variety of businesses, and links to industry-specific data and archived information.

Get customized reports

Your advisor can also submit a request to SBDCNet for the specific data you need for your business. SBDCNet can produce a broad range of financial, market and demographic research reports customized for your industry and geographic location.

Don’t just guess when it comes to finding potential customers, suppliers or competitors; get the facts. 

Make an appointment with a business advisor to discuss your research needs. Find your local SBDC now.