FAQS on Marketing Your Business

Get answers to questions on attracting more customers for your business.  

What goes into a marketing plan?

A well thought-out marketing plan starts with who you want your customers to be and ends with how you're going to track whether or not your plan is getting the results you want. Work through the following steps to put one together:

  1. Collect and organize data about the current market for your product or service
  2. Define your target market.
  3. Describe your product or service.
  4. Describe your competition.
  5. Write a mission statement defining your unique selling proposition.
  6. Determine what marketing strategies you will use to promote your product of service.
  7. Determine a price for your product or service and its position in the marketplace.
  8. Set a budget. 
  9. Establish quantifiable goals for sales, number of items sold, increase in profits, customer satisfaction, etc.
  10. Determine how you will measure results.

How does a small business build its brand? 

Your brand depicts who you are and what sets you apart from your competition. Are you the edgy newcomer in the field with the latest innovative products? Or are you the dependable old hand with long-standing roots in the community? If you’re just starting out, you have the opportunity to choose a name, create a logo, pick colors and decide on a tagline that clearly reflects your brand persona – the message you want your brand to convey. Once you have the look and feel of it in place, build brand recognition by being consistent in its use. Use your logo on all your materials, both hard copy and digital.

How do I get started with social media for my business?

Before you jump on the social media band wagon, you need a plan. That means doing your research to determine which social media platforms your target customers are using. You also need a plan for who will handle your social media accounts. You can't just create a Facebook page or start tweeting and expect customers to flock to your business; having an effective social media presence takes time and effort. You need to create content, monitor activity, and respond to posts on a regular and frequent basis. If you don't have someone to do that, and if you don't have the time to do it yourself, you may want to wait until you have the right resources, or at least start out small.

The UH SBDC offers frequent, low-cost workshops on social media. Check out the UH SBDC's workshops & events calendar to see all the current options.

Is direct mail still a thing? 

Although it may seem like digital marketing has taken over the world, there's still room for a hard copy flyer sent through the postal service. In fact, a direct mail campaign can be cost effective and get results. You'll of course want a well-designed piece and a compelling offer, but a big key to success is your mailing list. Don't waste money sending your mail to an audience that has no interest in what you're selling. Be sure there's a specific call to action, whether it's announcing a sale, a special discount, or a contest. You have to be able to track responses. Then, be sure to follow up with everyone who responds, even if it's just to say thank you.



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