Doug Mansfield helps clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Network Marketing, Website Development, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). He also host webinars and live training classes on various marketing topics and initiatives.Doug Mansfield is the president, founder, and co-owner of Mansfield Marketing LLC. He shares ownership of the company with his business partner, Marina Moncada. Doug has worked in this field since 2004 when he asked his employer at the time to become his first client. In 2010 he formed Mansfield Marketing.

Chris Tripoli provides one-on-one assessments to hospitality related industries including restaurants, bars, catering companies, food trucks, and bakeries on topics relating to finances and budgets, operations and systems, management and staff, menu development, marketing and promotion, and new concept development and openings. He also host live training classes and webinars on hospitality-related topics.

Marsha Hudson Will provide one-on-one coaching and client assessments on branding and social media. Will also webinars on branding and social media.

Julie Gilmer offers one-on-one assistance to clients for QuickBooks including client assessment, recommendations, and client staff training.  Will also provide live QuickBooks training and webinars.  Contractor will not act in an official capacity as a Certified Public Accountant nor provide tax advice to SBDC clients.

Rebecca Schultz provides loan underwriting and loan packaging services and can confirm program eligibility based on application review and credit report information. She can confirm and document individual program eligibility based on a review of the individual’s application and credit report information to confirm loan program eligibility. She can also evaluate submitted applications to ensure compliance with UH SBDC’s guidelines related, including credit memo, credit analysis with debt-to-income ratios, income analysis, property appraisal, and credit history as outlined in the UH SBDC guidelines. Schultz can confirm loan disclosure requirements have been met and create a loan package adhering to the lending criteria. 

Marc Willson One on one assistance to retail clients on operations, inventory, finance, physical plant and curb appeal, display windows, traffic flow, merchandise, personnel, customer service, marketing, promotions, competition, loss prevention, safety, technology and COVID-19.

Julie Gilmer provides one-on-one QuickBooks training including client assessment and staff training recommendations. Julia also host live QuickBooks webinars.

CJ Petittprovides assistance with employment, disciplinary, and hiring issues. Here areas of expertise include training, development, benefit/wage benchmarking and more.