Houston Business Matchmaking - Live Virtual Conference

8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: Online

Registration is no longer available.

Join us for the second annual Houston Business Matchmaker event on Friday, March 5. This virtual event will provide small business owners from all industries the opportunity to connect with prime contractors, large businesses, and local, state, and federal agencies.  Over 50 buyers will be available for one-on-one virtual meetings and there is capacity for more than 500 small business suppliers/sellers.  Matches are not guaranteed.

Once you have completed your registration, your confirmation email will contain a link to MyBusinessMatches that will allow you to set up your profile for your one-on-one sessions with the buyers. If you do not receive the confirmation email please check your SPAM box.


Small business suppliers/sellers must have a PDF quality Capability Statement, NAICS code/codes, DUNS Number and SAM registration and been in business for at least two years.  After registering and paying on this site, small business suppliers/sellers will receive an access code to MyBusinessMatch website where they can upload their capability statement and sign up for matches.  Matches are not guaranteed. 

During pre-scheduled, one-on-one, 15-minute virtual sessions, small business suppliers/sellers will have the opportunity to demonstrate how they can meet the needs of participating buyers by providing detailed information of their services and capabilities. Matches will be based on buyer requirements and supplier/seller capabilities to ensure quality meetings.

Buyers include governmental agencies (such as the University of Texas at Austin, Port of Houston, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, METRO, and NASA) and large companies (such as Boeing, ExxonMobil Global Services Company, Shell Oil Company, BMC Software Inc., Hewlett Packard, Valor Healthcare Inc., and many more). 

Prepare for the event by attending these free webinars.

These webinars will be streamed throughout the day. 

  • Making Better Decisions Using Analytics
    Learn best practices and analyze trends on how customers engage with your business online and then turn those insights into well-informed, actionable decisions.
  • Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely
    Discover Google tools that can help you work and manage your business during this time of uncertainly.  Plus, receive insights on more online and timely resources you can utilize in your business.  Highlights include updating critical business information online, keeping customers informed, and conducting virtual meetings.
  • Aligning Your Marketing Strategy to How Customers Buy
    The process your customer goes through to make a buying decision affects the way you should align your marketing strategy.  This webinar will walk you through the process of making sure you have the  right content at the right time to market to your ideal client in the online space.  Turn your lookers into bookers!
  • SBA Disaster Loans and Your Business
    Tune in and get a real time update on the status of the SBA Disaster Loan programs available to help you navigate the challenges of COVID. 
  • Federal Tax Updates for 2020
    Receive up to date information on filing your 2020 Federal Tax returns.  Included will be information on how to handle SBA Disaster Loan proceeds, tax implications of loan forgiveness, working from home deductions, and much more. 
  • Multiply your Marketing Power with Business Relationships
    Learn how to identify and create non-competing business relationships that yield greater reach and potential business opportunities. We will share ideas on how to create relationships with synergistic marketing potential, and actionable marketing and advertising efforts that can be taken using digital and other media.






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