Webinar - How to Prepare a Capability Statement and Market to Government Agencies

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Workshop Description: The Federal Government spends approximately $500B annually.  Add in State and Local Government spending and there is a good opportunity for you to sell your products and services to the government.  But it is a very competitive marketplace and you need to know how to market your business to set yourself apart from your competitors.

One of the most important tools you can use in your marketing effort is a Capability Statement.  It is a snapshot of your company – who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do for your customers.  It is also known as your business resume.  It can open the door for further conversation with a potential customer and may lead to increased sales.

This workshop will introduce you to the types of Capability Statements and when each is used.  We will inform you on how to prepare a Capability Statement by explaining the information included in a well-prepared statement.

We will also introduce you to the six steps in executing a government-marketing strategy.  This overview will provide you a process for marketing your products and services to government representatives.  Every attendee will receive after the event a copy of our Government Marketing Strategy Guide.

Learning Objective:  The objective is to teach you how to develop a Capability Statement and provide you a basic understanding of how to market your business to government agencies.


Tim Scarborough, CFCM, Director, UH Procurement Technical Assistance Center


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