Optimizing your Small Business Website to Increase Loyal Customers


By Michelle Loredo

Having an accessible website will help you overall in your business plan. If your business is not up to par with accessibility, it is now the time for website optimization. 

To help you get more customers to your website, here are a few ways to optimize your small business website to increase loyal customers. 

Optimize Your Website 

Having an optimized website is a tool all small businesses should jump on. You can optimize your website by implementing a Search Engine Optimization strategy. An SEO strategy will help your website rise in ranking on different search engines. Having a higher ranking will help you be at the top of the search results and customers will first find your business than competitors. 

You can start your optimization by implementing a local SEO link-building strategy. It will help attract new customers and customer retention. Here are a few ways that you can boost your small business:

Here a few on-demand webinars that will give you more insight on the topic:   

Build Brand Strategy Via Social Media

Social media is an asset that will help you cultivate your customers and lead them to your website. If set up correctly, your social media channels will not only promote your services but lead followers to your website. 

For Facebook, your page should set up as a business profile and not a personal page. Add all accurate business information including: 

  • Add Service Options (Call Us, Book Now, etc.)

  • Business Location

  • Customer Reviews

  • Link to Website 

For Instagram, your page should be a business account that will give you insights into how many people are interacting with your posts and page. For example: 

  • Advertisement  

  • Insights

  • Post Promotion

  • Service Options

  • Shipping and Checkout Options 

For all social media platforms, you need to find the right time to post, what to post on each site, engaging social media campaigns and memorable imagery. Take advantage of the different types of advertisement opportunities on different platforms that will help your traffic to your website increase. 

Monitor your online social media platforms and see the new trends and what your customers are saying. From the data gathered, see how you are standing and you can improve your services. 

Here are some recorded webinars that will help you with your social media strategy: 

Improve Customer Service 

Your business should have great service both in-person and online. Online your page should offer customer service options and contact information. If your business deal with selling items, your website should include a policy section of how orders, shipping, return and refunds. You can also include self-service options including, chatbots and a FAQ page.   

Do You Need More Help? 

The SBDC Network and 14 locations are here to help you maintain and grow your business! Our business advisors can help you and point you in the right direction on how to get more customers to your website. Our services are at no cost including, business advising, webinars and resources. 


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