Virtual Advising FAQs

What is Virtual Advising?

Virtual Advising is another option for our clients to meet with a business advisor. Instead of meeting face to face in person, a client will meet face to face with their advisor via their device of choice (computer, laptop, iPad, etc.).

Is virtual advising different than meeting in-person?

The only difference is that instead of meeting in person, the visit will be conducted virtually.

Will I be speaking with a real person?

Yes, you will be speaking with a real business advisor who is located at our Houston office.

Who is a good candidate for virtual advising?

Clients within our network that cannot physically make it into our offices or prefer to meet virtually out of convenience and have basic computer proficiency skills are good candidates for virtual advising. The client will also need to have access to a computer or device with a camera, internet, and email.

What platforms are used to conduct the virtual meeting? Is there a cost to use?

Our Virtual Advisor can use Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting platforms for online meetings. You can specify which platform you prefer to use when you request your meeting.

There is no cost for the client to use these platforms. There is never a cost to meet with a business advisor.

What are the system requirements to meet with a personal advisor?

Click here to see the system requirements for the various platforms

How can I request an appointment with a Virtual Business Advisor?

Click here to set up your appointment.