UH Procurement Technical Assistance Center: What We Do

 By Michelle Loredo

The University of Houston Procurement Technical Assistance Centeris a no-cost service that serves 32 counties in southeast Texas area including: Brazoria, Galveston, Harris, Matagorda and many more. If you need help with government contracting services but you’re outside the 32 counties, you can receive assistance from the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Center that helps nationwide.

What is PTAC?

The UH PTAC service helps small businesses sell their products and or services to the government. The services are still active and if you’re interested, the business advisors will help you remotely.

The Steps to PTAC

Before you become a client and receive help from a business advisors,  you must fill-out an application. Once that’s on file, someone from the office will contact you and assign you an advisor.

Your advisor will guide you through the “Three ‘R’s” process that goes over government contracting.

Register: This will be the first step. Your small business needs to register as a vendor and your assigned business advisor will guide you through this process.

Research: This will be the second step in the process. The PTAC advisors will guide you conduct market research. This includes knowing what government agencies buy, where to sell your product and finding opportunities.

Respond: This is the third and last step. When you find an opportunity to make a deal, the business advisors will help you fill the required compliant offer and review it before you submit it. 

If PTAC is something you would like to know more of, you can call (713) 752-8477 and they can guide you with the questions you may have before you start.