New Scam Targeting Small Businesses

The University of Houston Texas Gulf Coast SBDC Network alerts small business owners to a concerning scam currently circulating that leverages the logos of America's SBDC and SBA in an attempt to obtain sensitive information. This scam, which appears to be highly sophisticated, aims to deceive individuals into disclosing personal or business details under false pretenses, such as promising grants.

 "It is critical for small business owners to remain vigilant and informed about potential scams targeting their businesses," said Steve Lawrence, UH SBDC’s Associate Dean and Executive Director.  "We want to emphasize that SBDCs do not possess the authority to award SBA grants, and small businesses should only expect communication directly from the Small Business Administration regarding grant-related matters.”

The below email seems to come from

Small business owners are urged to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited communications and to report any suspicious activity promptly to the appropriate authorities.


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