Retail Holiday Preparation Tips

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your holiday retail sales? You should be. Here are 15 simple tips for booting retail sales this holiday season. 

  1. Make sure that your website is mobile ready.

  2. Set  a goal of what you would like to achieve

  3. Consider non see-through bags for holiday safety of your customers.

  4. Be aware of what hours, specials, new offerings/services, your competitors have introduced

  5. Create strategies to effectively compete with competitors

  6. Create pre-wrap program for fast moving items

  7. Create gift selections within certain price points (gifts under $25, $10 etc.)

  8. Create add-on sale opportunities near POS

  9. Make sure to clearly distinguish new arrivals

  10. Add signage

  11. Have plenty of inventory ready and accessible

  12. Create Visual Holiday Displays to get people in the buying spirit

  13. Consider “Gift with Purchase” for certain items

  14. Create mailer with specials and gift ideas. (Remember to put date of promotion start and end.)

  15. Be sure to not let your customer service standards suffer.