Why Meet with a Business Advisor?

By Michelle Loredo

If you’re looking into opening a new business or have an existing business, there are requirements that you must fulfill to successfully operate. Receiving guidance from an expert can save you from expensive mistakes and help expand your business!

The University of Houston Texas Gulf Coast Small Business Development Center Network has 14 locations that offer no-cost services that help small business owners in the surrounding area. 

Starting Your Business 

When you decide to open a new business, the SBDC business advisors will guide you from the beginning of the conceptualizing phase to the opening day of your business. This Includes:

Your Existing Business 

Small business owners in the southeast Gulf Coast Texas area can benefit from meeting with a business advisor. They can offer a new perspective, guide you through challenges and offer insight on new business expansion ideas. This Includes: 

Meet with an Advisor  

The SBDC network is still open and operating to help small businesses. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the business advisors are helping remotely via phone, email and online conference calls for everyone’s safety. We also offer no cost webinars and COVID-19 resources that include SBA Recovery Assistance and disaster loan applications.