Top Five Marketing Tips for Restaurants Combating COVID-19 

By Michelle Loredo

With frequent changes and updates, small business owners need to be on top of their marketing plans to reach as many people as possible. Here are five tips on how restaurants can effectively market, inform and stay connected to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated quarantine limitations.

Stay Informed of Industry Updates 
With the daily changes to business guidelines due to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s extremely important for restaurant owners to stay up-to-date with on restrictions and regulations that are issued both at a state and federal level. Different states, including Texas, have started with the process of opening business beyond the ones marked as “essential.” Here are some resources,

Create COVID-19 Related Services
With the coronavirus cases increasing, restaurants can accommodate customers by offering:

  • Update Daily Across Website, Emails and Platforms

  • Currently, it’s crucial that customers are updated with any changes or promotions in a timely manner and that restaurants have staff that can help them with their questions and concerns. This can help small businesses gain a positive image with current and potential customers.

    On the website, the most recent information should be at the front of the page. Customers should not have dig to ­for information on the website. A way to make COVID-19 updates more accessible is by creating a “COVID-19 Updates” tab on the homepage of the website. 

    For email communications, restaurants can send weekly updates on that week’s promotion, hours of operations and any new updates. 

    On social media, promote the ways that the restaurant is working during the quarantine. Highlight the curbside pickups, discounts and the limited services that restaurants must abide by the law.

    Utilize Listing Services and Search Engine Optimization Tools
    Restaurants should not only update their websites but also any listings where it appears. This includes, but not limited to, Google my Business, Yelp for Business and Tripadvisor.  This way, a broader audience can be reached with the most updated information.

    Another way to reach more people is by using search optimization tools. Using SEO tools is an effective way to increase traffic to a restaurant's webpages due to making its websites easier to find.

    Keep Customers Engaged
    Use social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to push customers to be active and engaged with the restaurant. This can be done by:

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