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If your business is ready for growth, GrowSmart TM gives you the tools and strategies to reach your goals. GrowSmart TM was developed to meet the needs of growing businesses. Combining the latest ideas with timeless principles, GrowSmart TM will propel your business forward! 

Participants will receive: 

GrowSmart TM recognizes the need for flexibility and agility in today’s rapidly changing environment. Using a one-page strategy map designed specifically for this program, participants identify their company’s goals and the strategies to achieve them. 

Program overview

Planning for Growth
Making strategic decisions requires careful consideration of internal and external factors. You will examine your operating environment, document company vision and goals, and develop growth strategies based on a thorough assessment of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Marketing: Research, Planning and Implementation
Thoroughly analyze your core competencies and competitive advantages—matching them to needs in the marketplace. Learn to protect your business from competition and develop strategies for effective, profitable pricing. Connect with customers using the latest marketing and communication tools.

Leadership & Management
Focus on your changing role as the leader of your company. Identify people resources and leadership strategies that will be necessary to achieve your growth plan. Explore proven methods for hiring, compensating, and motivating your team.

Financial Analysis, Tools & Resources
Learn how to analyze your company’s financial condition and develop strategies to improve profits and cash flow. Create a financial plan that quantifies the results of your marketing and management strategies. Determine how much money it will take to grow the business as well as how to fund it.

Operations & Implementing Your Plan
Documented, consistent processes are a key to building a scalable, well-managed company that has lasting, transferable value. Assess your current operations and learn methods to document and streamline processes. The program concludes with a short presentation of your one page plan—and a challenge to put the program’s lessons to work in your business!