Marketing Your Business to Prime Contractors
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1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: UH Bauer College SBDC, 2302 Fannin, Suite 200,
Houston, Texas 77002

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Government Area:  This workshop explains why subcontracting with prime contractors can be beneficial to your business and provides you recommendations for marketing your company to prime contractors for subcontracting opportunities.

Target Audience:  The material addressed in this workshop can apply to anyone looking to do business with prime contractors for federal, state, and local government procurement opportunities.

Workshop Description:  Government agencies may require prime contractors to subcontract with small businesses.  Also, some prime contractors have supplier-diversity programs; whereby, they are actively looking to do business with minorities, women, and veterans.  In this workshop we will address why you should consider subcontracting with prime contractors as an additional means of generating revenue for your business and discuss actions you can take to improve your chances of winning subcontracts.

Learning Objective:  Upon completing the workshop you will have a better understanding of how subcontracting can help increase your business; as well as, steps you can take to improve your subcontracting opportunities.


Robert Warren, Procurement Advisor, UH Bauer College PTAC


Please Note:

Satisfactory meeting room temperatures are difficult to maintain.  Always bring a sweater or jacket to ensure comfort.

No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the workshop.

Only service animals allowed - If you need to bring a service animal with you to a workshop please contact us ahead of time.

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