Strategies for Financing Your Business - Online

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Your credit score measures the likelihood you will repay what you owe.  It’s an important number and one almost all lending institutions base their lending decisions on.  Improving your credit score doesn’t happen overnight but taking a few small steps can make a powerful impact on raising your number. A high score allows you to qualify for better interest rates and typically ensures you get lower premiums on all types of insurance.  If you have applied for a loan and been turned down or if you are thinking of applying attend this workshop first to get the information you need in order to get the loan you need. 
You’ll discover:

  • Important things to know about your FICO credit score
  • What information is used to determine your score
  • What constitutes a good credit rating
  • How your credit score affects you and your business
  • Important scoring factors
  • How you can improve your score


Rebecca Schultz , Commercial Loan Officer, TDECU