Webinar - Five Steps to Creating a Profitable Online Course

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Many business owners and leaders are finding the value in sharing their expertise and knowledge by creating paid and free online courses. They are a great way to boost audience engagement, build customer lists, and elevate profits. Whether you are a coach, business owner, or entrepreneur, this live webinar will take you through the process step by step. You’ll walk away with a five-step roadmap, and as a bonus, you’ll also receive three proven strategies for marketing your online course.


  • Recognizing your expertise and how to share it
  • Determining the content, structure, and flow
  • Organizing the flow
  • Recording the content
  • Selecting a platform to host your courses

This webinar is intended for anyone interested in boosting their business by establishing themselves as a subject matter expert.   



Marsha Lynn Hudson, Brand Strategist and Digital Marketer

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