Live Webinar - How to Have Hard Conversations

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: Online

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Most everyone tends to dread or delay having difficult or challenging conversations. We don’t like to deliver unpleasant news, talk about a delicate subject, or tell someone they need to change or do something different. If you are in the habit of avoiding hard conversations out of fear of confrontation or due to lack of training or experience, join us for this live and interactive webinar to get solid recommendations and techniques for improving this skill set. 


  • Understanding why we tend to avoid challenging conversations
  • The true costs of avoidance
  • Overcoming fear and reluctance
  • Preparing for the actual conversation
  • How mastering this technique can improve your leadership skills 

This class is intended for anyone wanting to improve their technique for having difficult conversations.

*This is an interactive webinar. Participants will be expected to have their camera and microphone enabled. The webinar will not be recorded for later viewing.


Tim Reynolds, Principal, Clover Lane Partners Management Consultants

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