Webinar - Managing Supply Chain Interruptions

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All businesses are experiencing supply chain interruptions due to the pandemic. How you adapt to these interruptions and manage the risks can make or break your business. The good news is there are strategies all businesses, small and large, can use to remain resilient and drive business growth. 

Join us and find out how to:

  • Plan and communicate with customers and employees to keep them engaged
  • Set clear expectations
  • Determine pricing changes
  • React quickly to protect your business from losses
  • Develop a financial forecasting model to anticipate changes in cash flow
  • Understand timing for resources needed to keep the business operating without interruptions

During these webinars on inflation and supply chain issues most of the conversation will be based on identifying assumptions about your business and market, how to monitor when assumptions need to be changed, and understanding how forecasting can be used to make changes. This is a step towards being proactive in business rather than reactive. 

Rebecca Schultz, Founder and Executive Loan Consultant, Synerlock Funding