Webinar - Impact of Inflation on Your Small Business

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The effects of pandemic related inflation are coming on quickly.  Inflation affects not only you as a consumer but as a business owner.  Join us and get a look at what you can do to be proactive in mitigating its impact for your business and your customers. 


  • Evaluating existing loan agreements connected to variable rates
  • How indexes work to affect market rates
  • Why you should pay attention to the Wall Street Journal prime rate and treasury bills
  • Understanding anticipated rate increases from the Federal Reserve
  • Refinancing debt
  • Practical advice on mitigating exposure to increased expenses
  • How the market corrects itself during inflationary periods 

During these webinars on inflation and supply chain issues most of the conversation will be based on identifying assumptions about your business and market, how to monitor when assumptions need to be changed, and understanding how forecasting can be used to make changes. This is a step towards being proactive in business rather than reactive. 

Rebecca Schultz, Founder and Executive Loan Consultant, Synerlock Funding



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