Webinar - Make It A Great Day! | Excellence In Customer Service

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The Ritz Carlton, Disney, Amazon, and Zappos all seem to have one thing in common which is their high level of exceptional customer service.  Small businesses can achieve the same level of customer service and often its much easier for a small business.  During this live webinar we will share tips and techniques for establishing a customer service model within your business and how to share it with your employees.   


  • How to create an authentic dialogue and greeting specific for your business
  • Creating a "WOW" experience with your customer, guests, or clients
  • Six Key Steps of Excellence in Customer Service
  • ?The importance of customer service especially during a pandemic
  • The secret meaning of GREAT and how to apply it in your business
  • Customer service phrases and wording that make your customers feel valued


Anna Hay, CEO, Learn The Ropes LLC 



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