Webinar - Running a Patreon Crowdfunding Campaign

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Many businesses will use crowdfunding as a one time injection of capital but others depend on the recurring payment model from sites like Patreon.  In addition to monthly capital injections Patreon can help creative entrepreneurs of all kinds deliver their product directly to their audience without having to sell it to a third party or by soliciting advertising.  Patreon campaigns can build an ongoing relationship with your core customer, while giving them an opportunity to upgrade their level of support as they get to know your products. 

This program will cover the basics of running a Patreon campaign including building enticing price tiers, communications, and perks worth the price. 


Target Audience:

Any business looking to run a recurring payment crowdfunding campaign as a way to fund a specific COVID related project or pivot their business as a result of COVID. It is especially useful for creative services such as content creators, freelancers, podcasters, musicians, game creators, educators, and photographers.



Marty Butts, Owner, Small Potatoes

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