Webinar - COVID Trends To Stay | What’s Next

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The pandemic has accelerated trends that were emerging in our food system, and now with a year of data to look back on we can start to make predictions on which of the COVID trends will persist moving forward. When the pandemic first hit, food producers were quick to pivot to their best opportunities while implementing new safety protocols and riding waves of economy uncertainty. The situation felt like it impacted our businesses and daily lives differently from week to week. Many of our previous programs have focused on where customers were intersecting with your product. This session will look at what is happening behind the scenes with grocery stores and how they are investing their record profits both to deal with the current COVID pandemic and also to position themselves in a post pandemic future. We’ll look at what is driving product pricing strategies, what technology is likely to continue expanding, and more.

Target Audience: Farmers and other food producers whose businesses have been or will continue to be impacted by the pandemic food economy.



Marty Butts, Owner, Small Potatoes


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