Webinar - Selling Behaviors for a New Normal

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2020 was a challenging year for many businesses.  In no profession was it felt more than it was in sales.  In person meetings disappeared overnight while prospects were asked to remain home.  Rapport suffered, deal velocity slowed, and revenue generation took a nose dive.  The expectations of 2021 returning to normal are looking unlikely.  What are the new selling norms and how do businesses adapt?  Watch and get an inside perspective.


  • New norms of selling behavior  
  • Skills salespeople need to develop 
  • How to stay motivated and on track to hit selling goals and objectives 
  • How leaders can help sales teams close more deals 
  • How to replace networking events 

Target audience 

This webinar is for business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals who sell to B2B and are looking for additional strategies to increase productivity and improve their sales results in an era of continued social distancing.  



Neal Benedict, President, Silver Brick Sales Solutions