Webinar - Advanced Contracts

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After you have formed a legal contract, almost as equally important is the legal performance of the contract.  Breach of Contract generally occurs when one party does not perform their part of the contract as set forth in the contract terms.  One party not performing does not necessarily excuse the other party from performing their part of the contract.  These issues can overlap throughout the various stages of performance.

In this webinar, learn about the stages of performance and how different contract terms can affect performance so that you have knowledge that will aid you in performing your business contracts. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Bilateral/Unilateral Contract
  • Option contract
  • Timing of Performance 
  • Equitable Duties
  • Duties in Performance
  • Waiver
  • Lawsuit/Mediation/Arbitration
  • Breach of Contract Damages


Trisha Barita, Managing Attorney, Barita Law, PLLC 




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