Webinar - How To Create Enforceable Contracts

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Contracts are an essential part of operating your business whether they are contracts with clients, customers, distributors, investors, or vendors. It is important to know that the contract you are entering into is a legally binding contract and that it will protect you when legally enforcing it.

In this webinar you will walk away knowing the basic legal requirements of a contract in the State of Texas, the two sides to contracts, some steps you can take in a contract dispute, and types of contract damages.  

Highlights Include: 

  • Basic Legal Requirements in Texas Contract Law
  • Elements of an Enforceable Contract
  • Legal Acceptance of Contract
  • Texas Law that can declare your contract Invalid or Illegal
  • Contracting with Individuals - Mental Capacity and Minors
  • Tips for Contracting with Other Businesses 

Trisha Barita, Managing Attorney, Barita Law Firm, PLLC

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