Live Webinar - Managing Employee Piercing, Tattoos, and Dress Codes In The Workplace

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Online
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Are you surprised at what the employees consider appropriate to wear in the workplace?  As the employer have you considered that what employees wear can be offensive and harassing to other employees because of sex, religion, sexual orientation, race, disability or national origin?  Do employees have a legal right to an accommodation when the dress code prohibits dress required by a religion?  Are leggings considered pants?  What constitutes a “flip flop”?  What is the dress code for video meetings like ZOOM? What can be done when personal hygiene is poor?

Join Carol Keough of the Keough Law Firm, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law to learn how to manage tricky dress code situations in the workplace. 

Webinar highlights

• Roots of Attire and Grooming Policy 
• Tattoos and Piercing 
• Discrimination issues under Title VII
• Religious Accommodations for certain clothing and grooming
• Who will decide what fits or does not fit the dress code?
• Discipline for Violations of Attire and Grooming Policy
• Body Odor, Perfume and After Shave – Oh my!
• Dress Codes for the Remote Workers

This webinar will only be held live -- a recording will not be made available at a later date.