Webinar - Basics of Running a Food Subscription or Community Supported Agriculture Program

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Even before people were avoiding crowds and shopping from home, subscription services were surging. Customers eager for more at-home experiences have continued the trend. Food and grocery sales have moved quickly to crowd the virtual space, and consumers have found comfort in the convenience and simplicity of a subscription from a favored food company. Food producers, eager to capture more direct to consumer sales with a premium product have been happy to oblige. 

As the number of new farmers markets has plateaued, farmers have continued to explore the expanding direct to consumer markets like community supported agriculture. At first glance a CSA program may seem like another subscription service, but it’s one that builds deep roots with their customers.

This program will cover the basics of, and differences between, subscriptions and community supported agriculture programs. Topics covered will include pricing, packaging, building a program, fulfillment and more. This program is for farmers, ranchers, meal kits, and food producers of all kind.


Marty Butts, Owner, Small Potatoes

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