Webinar - Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Day 3 - Low Cost Advertising

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Digital Marketing Boot Camp

This three-day Boot Camp will give you an in-depth look at digital marketing strategies for promoting your business online.  You will receive tips, recommendations, and how to's in order to help you create an online presence and stay top of mind in an online world.  The Boot Camp will cover social media, digital marketing tools, and low-cost online advertising. Put it all together and you have the makings of a digital marketing plan guaranteed to build your business and grow your brand.

In this final session of the Boot Camp we will discuss how adding low cost ads to your marketing plan can boost your online presence exponentially. When you post to social media with organic (free) content you may attract a limited audience, but when low cost ads  are added you have the potential to reach thousands of people.
Just a $5 day a day add can make a big difference in your reach.  Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads will be discussed. 


Marsha Lynn Hudson, Social Media and Branding Strategist



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