Webinar - Pricing Successful Proposals for Government Contracts

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Government Area:  Federal, State & Local with Emphasis on Federal 

Target Audience:  This workshop is targeted to those wanting a basic understanding of how to develop and support a complete, reasonable, and realistic price for a government offer along with the importance of and framework for a compliant accounting system.

Description: This workshop addresses the specific elements of the costs that make up a contract price including direct labor, payroll overhead, direct material, general and administrative, and profit, including how each is calculated and applied. 

Tools, terminology, concepts, and cost principles will also be addressed and include reasonableness, allocability, allowability, unallowability and pricing models.  Real world examples will be  discussed to help participants better understand how these tools, terminology, concepts, and principles apply to solicitations and contracts.

Learning Objective:  The objective of the workshop is to provide the attendee a basic understanding of the requirements set forth by the government to develop and support the cost elements in their contract price.

Tim Healy, Procurement Advisor, UH Bauer College PTAC