Getting Your Product on Store Shelves

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: UH Bauer College SBDC, 2302 Fannin, Suite 200,
Houston, Texas 77002

Registration is no longer available.

***Please Note: The Getting Your Product on Store Shelves workshop will not be held.***

The next Getting Your Product on Store Shelves workshop will be offered on July 25. To register click here.  

If you are a business owner looking for the best strategies for getting your product on the shelves of major retailers then act now and register for this event.  You will hear from an award winning entrepreneur who has been there and done it. She will share her experience and insight on how to get your product on the shelf and what it really takes to keep it there.

Topics include:

  • How and where to start, it’s more than a business plan
  • Gathering essential paperwork before you try to get an appointment 
  • Tips for getting a meeting with the decision maker
  • Concrete steps for preparing for the meeting
  • How retail pricing works 
  • Issues affecting your pricing such as minimum orders, barcode requirements, and slotting fees
  • What it’s really like to be a vendor for a major retailer
  • The importance of packaging and standing out on shelf
  • Key trade groups and organizations that you should know about
  • Alternatives to retail outlets to sell your product


Debra Myers, Big Cheese & Chief Excitement Officer, Enfusia

Debra Myers, Chief Excitement Officer at Enfusia, has won multiple awards for products and packaging.  She will share her successes as well as her failures and how to thrive when the odds are against you.  She’ll walk you through how to get your products on store shelves and more importantly, how to keep them there!

Please Note:

Satisfactory meeting room temperatures are difficult to maintain.  Always bring a sweater or jacket to ensure comfort.

No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the workshop.

Only service animals allowed - If you need to bring a service animal with you to a workshop please contact us ahead of time. 

If you choose to pay at the door please add $20 to the registration fee.

If you choose to pay at the door please add $20 to the registration fee.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. Contact the University of Houston SBDC at 713-752-8488 for accommodations, or if you have questions about this class.