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Online Seminars

Get real-world business strategies and industry knowledge from online seminars designed to help your business grow and succeed, all from the comfort of your home or office. These seminars are accessible 24/7. Stay tuned for additional topics in the coming months.  

Click on one of the workshops registration links below. You will be able to view a complete description and register for the workshop. You can begin taking the workshop immediately or at your convenience by accessing the link that will be sent in an e-mail confirmation after you register.

Course Title Description Category Course Link
Business Plan Basics Receive quick and easy tips for writing your business plan and recommendations from an expert on how to use your plan to obtain financing, focus ideas, identify specific business objectives, and chart and manage growth. Management Register
Social Media Primer for Small Business Shopping online and through mobile devices is the new norm, and the experience continues to become more social with platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. In this session, you will discover how to select, connect, create and engage with your customers using the social media tools they use. This beginner’s class is geared to product and service businesses. Social Media Register
Small Business Insurance Insurance coverage is a must have for any business large or small. When unexpected things happen having the right insurance protects you and your assets and allows you to continue your business operations. In this seminar you will receive information on types of insurance available such as property, crime, business interruption, bonding, fire, and flood/windstorm as well as how to understand and compare rates, choose a provider, select endorsements, decide on necessary coverage, and file a claim. Management Register
Small Business Marketing Marketing is one of the most important things you do in your business. How, when, and where to market and especially whom you will target are all things you and your employees need to figure out. In this class we will help you understand important considerations for your marketing approach including what makes your product/service unique, the difference between benefits and features and how to determine what is important to your customer. In addition you will discover how to create a simple and practical marketing strategy based on tips and tools proven to work. Sales & Marketing Register
Three C's of Social Media Success If you are using a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your business make sure to attend this session and discover how powerful connections, content, and consistency can be in your use of these popular tools. Social Media Register
Building A Budget Putting together a financial roadmap for creating and running your business is the first and most critical step in building success. Learn how to construct and maintain your roadmap during the start-up and growth phases of your business. Management Register
Everything You Need to Know
About Federal Contracting
The government spends more than $10,000 per second, every minute of every day. Understanding how the government buys is an important key to your success in winning part of the billions of dollars awarded each year to government contractors. Sales & Marketing Register
How to Do Business with
the State of Texas
The workshop will introduce you to the tools and programs for doing business with the state of TX found on the TX Comptroller of Public Accounts State Purchasing website. You will be introduced to the Texas Procurement and Support Services Division (TPASS) and the programs they manage: the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program, the Centralized Master Bidders List, the Electronic State Business Daily, the TX Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) Program, and others. Sales & Marketing Register
Internet Marketing & SEO:
Beyond the Basics
This workshop will give you a new level of expertise allowing you to actually implement strategies and techniques for creating an online presence. Come hear our internet marketing expert as she takes you beyond the basics and into a whole new area of practical use. Sales & Marketing Register
Understanding Federal Government
Procurement Methods
This workshop addresses how the Federal Government solicits commercial goods, services, and construction using Request for Quotes (RFQ), Invitation for Bids (IFB), and Request for Proposals (RFP) in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its supplements. It will also give you an understanding of when each solicitation method (RFQ, IFB, RFP) may be used and the key terms and processes associated with each. Additionally, the workshop informs you of the steps to become eligible to do business with the Federal Government and where to find federal opportunities. Sales & Marketing Register
Strategies for Financing Your Business Your credit score measures the likelihood you will repay what you owe. It’s an important number and one almost all lending institutions base their lending decisions on. Improving your credit score doesn’t happen overnight but taking a few small steps can make a powerful impact on raising your number. A high score allows you to qualify for better interest rates and typically ensures you get lower premiums on all types of insurance. If you have applied for a loan and been turned down or if you are thinking of applying attend this workshop first to get the information you need in order to get the loan you need. Management Register

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