COVID-19: Free Food And Restaurant Webinars

We have more than 80 free webinars that you can access at your convenience, ranging from many topics: how to start a business, managing a business, marketing, technology and much more. The following webinars are targeted to help food-related business owners or any other type of restaurant business recover from COVID-19.

  1. Websites for Food Products

    If you’re a food producer, this free webinar is for you. Presenter Marty Butts, owner of Small Potatoes, will give his insight on how to boost your online website presence. You will also learn how to make your website user-friendly, how shipping should be handled, user experience and much more. Register Here

  2. Selling Food Products Direct to Consumer

    Food producers presenter Marty Butts will help you maximize your sales with consumers through farmers markets, subscriptions, CSA programs and pop-ups. He will also give tips on providing great service. Register Here

  3. Selling Food Products Wholesale

    If you’re looking into selling wholesale, tune-in to this webinar. Presenter Marty Butts will guide you through the process of selling wholesale to the food product marketplace. He will cover an overview of the wholesale market for food products, retailer expectations and how to compete with big-name brands. Register Here

  4. Surviving the Restaurant Business During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is making restaurant owners across the nation make changes to their business plan and incorporating the new health guidelines. In this free webinar, presenter Chris Tripoli, owner and operator of A’La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group, will guide you on what the best practices are to keep your restaurant afloat during this ongoing pandemic. 

    Register Here

  5. Restaurant Re-Opening: Preparing for the New Normal
    Restaurant owners, presenter Chris Tripoli will go over the process restaurants have to undergo to be prepared for the “new normal.” He will go over how to create a business model with less revenue expectation, creating schedules with less staff, implementing new health sanitation guidelines and much more. Register Here

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